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If you have ever regarded peruvian additions, the conditions "virgin hair" and "Remy hair" are typical conditions, but do you know what they mean? Simply, locks that is classified as Remy is locks that is not removed and has the cuticles unchanged. Virgin remy brazilian hair, however, is locks that has never been chemical handled or shaded. All locks lengths that are regarded Remy should officially be virgin locks, but not all virgin hair are Remy. In many instances, what is known as virgin Remy locks are the best high top quality of locks used for additions.

One of the most popular differences for Remy additions comes down to the cuticles. The follicle of the locks are the external aspect of the hair's base. With locks that has the difference of being Remy, all of the cuticles are unchanged and they experience the same route, just as they do when they’re normally put on the go. With non-Remy locks, there is no assurance that the cuticles will all be experiencing the same way, which could ensure it is look artificial, bubbly and vulnerable to tangling. With appropriate servicing and proper care, there is no purpose Remy items cannot last for annually or more.

Since locks that is Remy is also virgin, it comes only in a number of organic shades, such as darkish or off dark. Clients should keep this in thoughts. However, additions can be shaded and handled after the additions have been placed. Non-virgin locks are provided for additions and it is often used for those who want additions that are curly, shaded or waved. Since non-virgin peruvian locks or curly locks comes in different shades, this is a better option for those who want something that does not look organic.

Remy locks for additions, are procured from various locations in the globe, and the best comes from Malaysia.  Due to the standard of the locks, Remy peruvian natural wave are usually more costly than other additions, but as with anything, you get what you pay for.


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