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If you are new to the globe of additions, the range of locks ‘origins’ can be very complicated. There are so many conditions that without a little inside knowledge it’s easy to feel confused.

As we all know there are a lot of different kinds of virgin brazilian hair which are sorted by their source or their structure. Let me try to make simpler things as much as possible.

The term ‘Brazilian hair’ is used to explain a extremely bright smooth hair, which is okay in structure as well as curly - a ideal coordinate for real south america locks. It is also the best coordinate for fine-haired individuals who would like to add more body and quantity. But the only issue is that almost everybody statements to sell it, but hardly anybody actually has it.

Generally, authentic south america locks comes from south america country. The locks is gathered and is left natural and maintained in its organic and healthy condition.

Brazilian hair is made from 100% hair and can be purchased as either ‘Virgin’ or ‘Remy’ hair.

Virgin – Human malaysian deep wave hair that hasn’t been colored or prepared in any way.

Remy – Coloured/treated locks that has its follicle in courtesy and locks is running the way it normally increased.

Your south america additions may also be promoted as ‘Single Drawn’ or 'Double Drawn’. Individual Attracted uses different measures of string - some locks may be smaller by 2 " so the tip would look pointed or slimmer. Dual Attracted features lengths of the same length.

Other hair like Peruvian, for example, are slimmer, straighter and wider. Native indian hair have more quantity and trend but can also be more complicated to handle while Malaysian locks that comes from Native indian locks is of course very directly, magnificently smooth, very good as well as resilient.

Many consider Virgin malaysian straight hair bundlessouth america locks as, without doubt, the best possible in the globe. This is probably be due to inherited and ecological aspects. It is said to be the most wonderful locks in the globe and is described as extremely smooth and bright and, when experienced, much like soft silk.

My top tip for the day is: Make sure your expansion hair suits your organic locks in depth, structure and solidity.

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